Where it all began

As I mentioned before, I’ve been thinking about boats for a long time. I did my research and finally found the deal I was looking for on Craigslist. Up in Bellingham a guy was selling a 1993 Ski Nautique without an engine or transmission, or a trailer. He wanted $2,500 for the boat. I emailed him and we started a conversation. I wanted to go look at the boat in person, but Bellingham isn’t exactly right next door so he emailed me some pictures. As advertised, the boat was kinda’ rough. It obviously had just been sitting outside for a long time:

The boat was an ex-ski-school machine. It had tons of hours on it (hours on boats are like miles on a car). I was still curious though because it was a Ski Nautique and it was cheap. The seller had somebody else interested in the boat but gave me “first dibs”. I’m not sure how serious the other guy was so we started to negotiate on price and eventually the seller dropped to $1800 and said he would deliver the boat. Before he did that he actually got out some tools and cleaned up the boat quite a bit. He sent me these photos. He removed the ski-school graphics and even vacuumed it out a bit.

I saw these and went ahead and purchased the boat. My wife very graciously allowed this as she saw the passion in my eyes. It’s the same passion I see in her eyes when we talk about cars from Mini (I think that will be our next car purchase – but maybe that’s another blog). We got the boat to our house and you saw those pictures in my first post. The one in the rain was taken literally minutes after I signed the papers and wrote a big check (big for me).

Next, I pulled it into the garage. If you are reading closely you’ll note that I don’t own the trailer the boat is sitting on out there in the rain. With Susie’s help I was able to BARELY fit the boat and trailer into the garage. I got out the camera and started to snap shots.

If you’d like to know how to get a boat off a trailer I can tell you that unless you have a large crane it involves a lot of jacks, some blocks of wood and concrete, and a lot of effort. My final post today is a picture of me and my friend Robert who came over with two jacks, a lot of wood and some clear thinking that helped us free the trailer from the boat. The boat is still sitting in this exact location in our garage.

Next post – the inventory of things I need to fix begins.

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