Side trip to Greece, Day 1

This has nothing to do with my boat, except that I’ve made no progress on the project in the last week. I work for Boeing, and they send me all around the world to help sell airplanes. In my current job, I travel to a few places quite often, but this last trip I got to go to Greece. I went to an island called Mykonos. While there I got to do and see some amazing things. I forgot my camera so I had to use my tiny cell phone camera to take pictures of everything. But, as you can see, it is breathtakingly beautiful there.

On my first day there I got to go to a beach for the majority of the day. It was really fun to just sit on a beach chair and soak up the warmth and breeze. It actually got really windy during the mid-afternoon. Swimming in the ocean here is a lot of fun. The water is really salty, and so you can float with practically no effort at all. So much so that even swimming is more like relaxing instead of exercise!

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