In Greece, Day Two

After some business meetings the evening of the first day (this is work, after all), our group set out for our second day. I had no idea how AMAZING this day was going to be. The night before we were told, “We will be going out on a boat to an island, having lunch and coming home.” Sounded easy enough.

I woke to find this boat in the bay in front of our hotel. We puttered out to the boat and set off on our adventure.

Our boat ready to go out in the bay
Too pretty not to take a picture
Puttering out to the boat
Water, a beautiful house up on the hill... what a life


The fist step in our adventure was a stop in Delios, which is an ancient Greek ruin on its own island. It was AMAZING. I took tons of pictures in Delios, but without a narrative it would be difficult to describe. It was so incredible to walk on streets that were used before Jesus was born, and to know that this place existed and was a functional city during the entire New Testament era. To say it was incredible would not even begin to do it justice.

Our group listening to our guide at the ruins
I was there
Our enthusiastic guide
Note how the marble steps are worn down from 100's of years of use where people walk, away from the pillars
This well still produces water, and has for 1000's of years
An ancient street in Delios
Ancient ruins everywhere. The place was huge.


After that, our day somehow got even more amazing. We puttered over to the private beach of the owner / operator of our boat and spend the afternoon swimming, relaxing on the beach and then had a wonderful BBQ meal that he cooked for us over an open pit. Some pictures from our afternoon.

Note how BLUE the water looked here:

Really, really blue water


Some scenes from the day:

I went swimming here.
It was that beautiful
Our guide showing us his place on the island. Note the view we had in the background while eating lunch.
More rock walls
A close-up of the wall


Finally it was time to leave. We had a REALLY rockin’ ride back home. The seas were quite agitated that day. But we made it home and everybody agreed it was an unforgettable day. One of the group summed it up best, “When I get home I am going to struggle to put into words what this was like.” I completely agree. Even with these pictures it is no where near as amazing as seeing it in person.

Time to leave, but nobody wanted to go.


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