What needs to be fixed on the inside

To really get my boat working again I knew that I would need to tear most of it apart. I’ve essentially gutted it. If this were a car I would currently be almost to what you’d call a frame-up restoration (but not quite). I removed everything that was broken and then cataloged everything I was removing. I knew the carpet needed to be replaced so that meant removing all the chairs and other parts. The more I dug around the more I found that needed to be removed to be cleaned, repaired or replaced. Below is a WordPress gallery of the interior of my boat as I tore it down. If you click on the gallery and move through the pictures I’ve created comments to explain things as you move through the days it took me to do this.

One fun story: One day I was looking at the carpet and at some carpet samples that had been mailed to me. I could not decide which one matched the best (turns out I had the wrong samples). Susie came out to the garage to see what I was up to now so I asked her opinion. She said, “Aren’t you going to replace all the carpet?” “Yes”, I replied as that was the plan. Susie responded, “Then pick a color that you really like and do an upgrade!” My wife = AWESOME!

Next bog I’ll get you up-to-date and then my blogs can become real-time from this point forward.

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