Current status: The foam issue

Approximately one month ago I decided to have look at a crack on my floor. The passenger / observers seat (it faces aft) in my boat flips up so that you can store things, like skis, up in the bow of the boat. Kind of a neat feature. Anyhow, the frame of that seat had broken through the floor. Here is the crack in the floor.

Crack in the floor

The floor is made of fiberglass and in this area it is not super-thick. I’d say it is about 1/16″ thick. To repair the crack I needed to cut it out, sand the fiberglass and then lay in new fiberglass. When I opened up the floor I found more problems. Remember how the early pictures showed leaves and such in the floor of the boat? It sat outside for a long time getting rained on and rained on…. so the water found its way into this crack in down to the foam underneath.

The little hole I cut

Not to become overly technical here, but almost all boats have foam in the hull. The foam is a material that is used to provide flotation and noise dampening. It is a rigid foam that is roughly the consistency of cardboard. Kind of stiff at first, but you can easily crush it in your hand. It feels like an old dry sponge. Foam works great until it gets wet. Then it starts to break down and if there is wood in your hull then the wood will start to deteriorate. My hull is all composite. But wet foam still weighs too much and needs to be removed.

Here you can see that when I push down on the foam water appears. Wet foam. 😦

Squish = there's the water

So, in the days following this discovery I have been digging out foam. It’s not easy and I don’t want to cut out my entire floor. So I’m going at it slowly and figuring out how to do this bit by bit. Here’s the current look of my floor and some pictures of my prey, the wet foam.

The big hole in my floor
Camera down in the hole
All the details

2 thoughts on “Current status: The foam issue”

  1. I’m hopeful that I will either eventually reach a structural wall where the water stops. The water appears to seep through all the foam in a certain section. I have not reached dry foam yet. I’m very hopeful that other sections that did not have a crack in the floor are still dry. If there is not a crack in the floor, there should not be a way for water to get in. I hope.

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