October 30th Update

The wet foam is gone. Hurray! I have a sore arm and numb fingers that were rubbed raw by the digging and prying and rubbing against the rough side of fiberglass. It was not fun, but there is a sense of accomplishment in reaching this point.

Go back and look at the old posts on this topic and you can see the difference. I’ll post some photos of the empty bay where the wet foam used to be and the buckets of old wet foam. Now I need to put in few foam and then teach myself how to repair fiberglass. I’m told it is easy.

The final photos are of a fin I purchased to repair my bent one. For those who don’t know, a competition ski boat has three fins in the bottom of the boat about 1/2 way back to help the boat track straight with a skier pulling to the sides which make other boats wander off course. I got the fin from a guy whose boat burned in a storage compartment fire in Mississippi. I almost got an engine from him, but that didn’t work out.

While doing this job I discovered how easy it is to disconnect everything in the dash. After the foam and fiberglass I might have to go after that next. Or the carpet. Or maybe an engine will appear. The fun stuff happens next. Putting it all back together.


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