The water heater

So, here’s another post that has nothing to do with my boat save for the fact that this is money I could have used to buy foam or carpet or something else my boat needs.

On Tuesday night I was planning to go to a meeting. It was an important meeting that I really wanted to attend. About 5 minutes before I was going to leave my father called me with a car question. I knew that I had the answer in a Factory Service Manual that I had in my garage. I went down to the garage to grab said book while still on the phone and as I grabbed it off the shelf I said to myself, “Hey, where is all this water coming from?” My garage floor was wet, and was getting worse. My water heater had died and was leaking!

I quickly made some phone calls about my meeting that I was now not going to attend and set to work. Turn off the water and gas to the thing was the first step. Then I drained the remaining hot water out through a hose onto my driveway.

This led to more phone calls and a visit to Home Depot. Then back home to take more measurements with the knowledge that Home Depot would close before I could return.

On Wednesday morning I was able to go purchase a water heater. My friend Kevin told me that this was easy to do. I was nervous about working with the gas line (it is a gas water heater) but I was able to learn enough from an associate at Home Depot that I decided just to tackle the entire job myself.

I took the day off work on Wednesday and was able to finish the job in the mid-afternoon. I had remove the water-in and water-out lines (cold and hot, basically), remove the venting, remove the pressure relief line, remove the gas line and then unbolt it from the wall (it is held by straps that hold it in place in case of an earthquake).

I DID IT! The neat thing is that we were able to finally get a decent-sized water heater. Our old 40 gallon unit was too small for a household of our size. We moved up to a 50 gallon heater that is more efficient even while being more powerful. Technology marches on, even in water heaters.

Here are some photos of the old and new heaters. I hope to be back working on my boat with new progress photos soon.

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