Memorial Day Project

It’s Memorial Day weekend and I want to start this post by giving thanks for all those who serve in the military and to remember those who gave their lives. My grandfather served in WWII as a gunner on B-17’s, and my father-in-law served in Vietnam and for many years after in the Air Force. I suppose that means we’re an Air Force family. If you served, or know someone who lost their life fighting for our freedoms, thank you.

Memorial Day is the start of the summer season and here in Seattle we had a typical three-day weekend. Saturday was beautiful and sunny. Then on Sunday it rained. Today it started out raining, then stopped, then rained some more, and now it is sunny and cloudy all at once. Ah, Seattle in May.

For this weekend I decided to work on the rowboat a bit and fix the throttle unit. It is a Morse MV-2 throttle / shift control unit and it was broken. The knob at the top of the throttle was gone, the little plastic lift under the knob was broken and you could not lock the throttle out of gear. Both problems are safety related, so they needed to be fixed.

The throttle control unit removed from the boat
The reverse side to remind me how things attached
This is the back of the fully assembled unit, sitting on my kitchen table (on a shop towel)
Pulling the pieces apart

I’m going to skip ahead a bit, because you don’t need to know exactly how it came apart. This is what it looked like completely disassembled. I got some parts cleaning solvent and scrubbed everything. It took a lot of work to get rid of the old grease.

This is all the parts of a throttle

It is not as complex as it looks. Most of it needed a good cleaning and some new grease. I used white lithium grease. The throttle lock-out needed a new spring and I got one at a local hardware store for a whole .60 cents. Once I put it all back together it looked like this:

It all works!
This is my new mahogany throttle knob

The throttle knob is a throw-back piece and it looks really good. The wood is a nice touch.

These final two pictures show the part that was not moving that put the boat in and out of gear (so you can rev and warm up the engine without the propeller turning). If you look at the little plug in front of the throttle you can see it pushed in (in gear) and pulled out (out of gear).

In gear
Out of gear

I’m going to get some new brass bushings either locally or on line before I reinstall the throttle. I will post more pictures when I get that job complete.

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