Dreaming & Saving

Not much to update on the boat lately. I’m basically working to save my money so I can purchase the next big item on the list: carpet and a new rub rail. Both run roughly $250 – $350 (depending on what I get). I have experimented with a few things while saving up. I finally got out my polishing equipment and went at a couple of spots on the hull. Polishing gel coat is amazing. I drug my son, David, out to the boat to show him the first spot I sanded, polished, finished and waxed. He said exactly what I was thinking, “Wow, that is really shiny.” It looks incredibly different when the hull is polished up; as though you had just painted it. While I had the polishing compound out I also went after the severely water-stained glass on the windshield. It looked awful when I removed it from the boat. I am very pleased to report that the glass cleaned up well and looks brand new.

Last night I had a dream that I got a new engine and the boat ran great. David and his friend Erik went wake boarding and then we hung out on the lake for a while while Steve swam near the boat. When I woke up I was really happy that the boat was all finished. Of course, once I figured out it was just a dream I was somewhat disappointed, but the feelings from that dream keep me motivated to keep working at it.

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