The big sell-off

In the last month I have been picking apart the purple Tree-Nautique (as I have come to call the tree-damaged boat I purchased). Some of the parts on this boat are duplicates of parts I already own so I’ve been selling what I don’t need. Note for all my readers: If you’d like to get a lot of email, just mention in the right places on the internet that you are parting out an early 90’s Ski Nautique. So far I’ve only sold roughly a dozen parts. Largest item has been the windshield, and the smallest a couple of hinges. The most common ask is for the control throttle, which had already been removed from the boat when I got it.

As I disassemble I am carefully going slow and taking a lot of pictures. I don’t know how people could ever put together a boat without seeing how it was together when it was new. There are wires, tubes, and fasteners everywhere. I have probably 100’s of pictures like these now to help me remember where everything goes and is connected:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

A friend came over and helped me take a bunch of parts off last weekend, so I’m basically down to the point where it is time to pull the engine. THAT will be interesting, and I’m sure worthy of a blog of its own.


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