Pulling the engine

The big day finally arrived. Ever since the Tree Nautique arrived at our house, I knew that I’d have to pull the engine from this boat to transfer it to mine. Although I’ve done a lot of mechanical-type things in my life, I had never pulled an engine from… well… anything.

First, I got an engine hoist from a good friend. Kris is a fellow Ski Nautique owner (and has built a beautiful Datsun 2000 Roadster, by the way). He has a super lift that he was kind enough to let me borrow. On Saturday our “other son” Erik came over and we got after it. Susie took on the role of photographer.

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I’m very, very happy that Erik could come help. I’m currently working hard to finish stripping the Tree Nautique so that I can get rid of it. Susie is anxious to have it out of the driveway, and so am I. My garage is REALLY full. I need to start putting my boat together!