Boat tear-down

This was a frustrating weekend. I intended to drop the boat off at local dump, but when we got there the guys running the dump refused to help get the boat off the trailer. It was impossible to move ourselves. Note: “We” is Erik and me – Yes, Erik gets free boat rides for life.

After that fiasco, I decided to just cut the boat up and take the pieces to the dump that way. There is a positive in this set-back: by cutting this boat up I will learn a lot about the structure of my boat and how it is held together. We already found one interesting thing about the Tree Nautique when we pulled up the carpet. The first few photos in the slideshow below are of a HUGE crack in the floor. The tree did more damage that I originally thought.

These pictures are of the progress made until the saw broke tonight. Tomorrow I’ll get a better saw and keep going at it!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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