How’s the boat going?

I’m often am asked, “How is the boat project going?” It’s been a while since I posted so I thought I’d update the blog to answer the question.

Once the purple boat was gone I hauled the trailer to Glenn’s Welding in Lynnwood. They are going to straighten the trailer for me. To do so I needed to remove all the wood from the trailer and I had to pull all the wires. I did this and quickly realized I’m now restoring a trailer along with the boat. So, the project grows. The trailer needs new carpet on the rails (the part the boat sits on) and on the platform on the sides. New wood is necessary for the platforms as the old ones were rotten.

I have discovered that putting things back together seems to take longer than just taking them apart. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, when putting things back together I like them to be clean. Is this just being obsessive? Perhaps, but keeping things clean is part of owning a good boat. If you let a boat get dirty it is nasty later when you need to do some maintenance. If everything were new and clean this would be going a lot faster. Second, I’m being cautious as I go to make sure things are right. For instance, I am sealing every screw that goes in the boat hull.

The last couple of weekends I have begun to get the boat ready for the engine installation. This has involved installing the engine frame back into the boat, and also installing all the parts that are easier to get to without the engine installed. This means mainly the bilge pump and the pylon. I spent a good number of hours yesterday installing these parts.

The photos below answer the question, “How is the boat project going?” The answer is, “I’m ready to install the engine.”

Current state of the boat
You can see here the aluminum engine cradle, bilge pump, bilge pump controller (that small black box), and the ski pylon.
Ready for installation!

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