The progress continues

The boat is moving to a point where the mechanical stuff is basically done.

A few weeks ago I put in the exhaust system. This was a lot of work. The hoses are really stiff and everything has to go together all at once. Here are some photos of the finished product.

Exhaust system installation
Exhaust system installation
Exhaust system installed

Today I finished installing the fuel tank and the ventilation system. I even put in the battery and ran the fan for a few seconds. That also tells me that the dashboard is generally working. Wow….

All in
All in
The blower and hoses
The blower and ventilation hoses are in

I put in the glove box lid and the ski mirror too.

Mirror and glove box
Mirror and glove box

Next up is preparations for installing the interior. I’m still hopeful that a miracle will happen and somebody will have a teak swim platform I can buy. I need to make a carpet decision and get going on the floor as well.

I told a friend last week that the boat is starting to feel crowded. I am finding less and less room to move around inside. Conversely, there is beginning to be more room in my garage outside the boat!

3 thoughts on “The progress continues”

  1. Kevin,
    Can you please tell me where I can find the left and right carbon fiber style stickers which cover the lower dash panel?


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