An interesting morning

Today I had an interesting morning. My little car, the Blue Rocket, is getting along in years and it needs some attention now and then. If you need to know more about the car you can see when it crossed 300,000 miles in the “300K” link on my blog. It currently has over 325,000 miles.

Last week the car was running noticeably hot. After some quick research I discovered that the coolant had somehow gotten low. I’m going to investigate how that happened, but after topping off the fluid in the radiator and tank I drove to work today and the temperature was rock-solid.

Solid operating temperature.
Solid operating temperature.

I made one last stop on my way into work at a Starbucks and when I exited the store with my coffee I found this waiting for me:

Flat tire
Flat tire

So, out came the jack and that tiny little spare. The car looked really goofy with that space-saving spare on it. I was able to get to a Discount Tire store and they discovered the tire had been punctured at some point. They fixed it and the tire looks as good as new:

Ta da! All fixed.
Ta da! All fixed.

Just to help me feel really good about my car (like I need encouragement) the young man who fixed the tire hopped out of my car and said, “You take great care of this car. It is in really good shape.”

But what made this morning REALLY interesting was an email from my wife. In an effort to cheer me up while I struggled with car issues she sent me a photo that has thrilled me beyond words. First, some background – I’ve had a hummingbird feeder set up in front of our house for almost two years. I’ve always wanted to see hummingbirds at our home and I purchased a feeder in the spring of 2012. A year went by with no birds observed and I was bummed, but I kept the feeder full of hummingbird juice. About one month ago as the weather turned cold I decided to empty the feeder for the winter before I went for a run. After putting the feeder away while I was stretching for the run in front of our house a hummingbird flew over to where the feeder had been 10 minutes earlier and flew off! I literally ran back into the house with my heart racing, put some fresh juice into the feeder and then went for my run. I have yet to see a bird drink at the feeder, but Susie has seen hummingbirds feeding a few times. This morning, she got a photo of a beautiful green hummingbird feasting in front of our home. I am so, so excited by the hummingbird visit that I had to put this on my blog! I know the picture is a little grainy, but the bird is greenish-brown and at the bottom of the feeder (slightly towards the camera).

After two years, there he / she is!!!!
After two years, there he / she is!!!!

One thought on “An interesting morning”

  1. Hi Kev, with all the miles you put on on it you need to treat it to a bottle of Bar’s # 1111 as insurance against a possible head gasket failure, just take out enough antifreeze from the radiator to put 1/2 a bottle in and use the other 1/2 on Susie’s car.

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