Carpet, carpet, carpet…

At this point I am very anxious to get this boat out on the water. To do so I need to install the carpet. Carpeting a boat is not hard, but it sure seems to take a long time. I am currently working on all the carpeted trim pieces in the boat. These panels make up the footwell, they go between the gas tank and the interior, and also provide access to certain areas of the floor.

To install carpet you basically glue it in place with contact cement. Easy to do. Put some glue on one piece, put some glue on the back of the carpet, wait 10 minutes and stick. Last night it was finally above 65 degrees F so I happily glued away. The contact cement really smells toxic, so doing it indoors was not fun. I took one photo of the panels and carpet before I glued it all together. After the glue dries I will staple the carpet to the back sides of these panels to finish them up. I still have one relatively large floor panel to carpet and there is carpet wrapped around the base of the observers seat. Then, all I have to do is lay the carpet in the floor and sides of the actual boat.


These trim pieces are the only wood in my boat. They are holding up well.

The days are longer and the temps are warming. Hope we are skiing soon!

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