One other item has been installed in the boat recently, and that is the stereo. The boat came with the wires and space for a stereo unit, but it essentially had to be done from scratch. David and I spend a couple of hours over a weekend getting everything needed and then making all the connections. It has to be done by hand: strip the wire going to the speaker, install a splice, strip the corresponding wire in the stereo harness, attach to the other side of splice. Repeat a lot.

Then we hooked up the power wires, attached the battery cables, and then… nothing. A lot of button pushing and some fun with a volt/ohm multi-meter and we discovered the power wires we were using had no energy. But, we did find a spare wire that had juice so we spliced in that one and… TA DA! It sounds great. šŸ™‚

Glove Box
Glove Box
It sounded as good as it looked.
It sounded as good as it looked.
Lots of features
Lots of features

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