Leaky Transmission

So, I have some long-distance help and decided to do this myself. Here’s some visuals. I’m not going to try to provide a tutorial on how to disassemble and inspect a transmission here.

Here’s the transmission out of the boat. It isn’t all that heavy, so you can just lift it with your hands.20160123_155529

Once I got it out of the boat I tilted it forward to see if I could identify the leak. The idea is to use a clean paper towel and see there the drips appear. Well, the leak in my transmission was so bad that it soaked the towel!


After some time devoted to clean-up, I did the test again but instead of leaving it overnight I just looked and sure enough it was easy to find the leaky spot. All the oil appeared to be flowing out of one of the mounting holes.


So, time to take the transmission apart.

Once I had the face of the transmission apart, the problem was very easy to see. The gasket had not been installed properly and the fluid was leaking out where there was not a gasket available to seal the face of the transmission to the case.

I ordered new gaskets and put it all back together. I filled the case with fluid and happily reinstalled the transmission into my boat.


Sounds great, right? The following weekend I headed out to my garage to finish up this job and get to work on some other boat stuff and….

There was transmission fluid in the bottom of my boat! UGH!!!!! I felt the bottom of the transmission and felt the fluid down there, so out came the transmission again. I’m getting pretty good at this job by this point.

I placed it on my workbench and was relieved to see that there were no leaks anywhere in the work that I had done. But, the plug at the bottom of the front face was leaking. I drained the transmission again and pondered what to do. My solution is to try some Thread Seal. I hope that this seals this transmission so that I never see that pink fluid in my boat ever again!

Here’s to hoping that this stuff does the job!


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