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A quick update

When we took the boat out on the inaugural run there were a couple of issues. One of the most concerning was a horrible noise that occurred when the engine was at idle and in gear. It sounded like rattling ball bearings in an old coffee can. Remember when coffee came in cans? Anyhow – some internet helpers said that this was “damper plate rattle”. I’ll let you figure out what that is on your own, but the solution was to fix a low engine idle speed. While fixing this issue I also realized that my transmission cable was rather sloppy. Happily I still had the one from the purple Tree Nautique, so I pulled the cable, installed the purple boat one and decided that it was a good improvement.

Thus, I decided that it was time for a real test. We went skiing! My brother and my youngest son went wakeboarding and it was awesome.  My time behind the boat is coming soon, but it was so cool to use the boat for it’s intended purpose. What a machine. It is so fun to be out on the water.

My brother took a few photos. His oldest daughter came along and she had fun too. She has a good future ahead of her as a boat-driver!