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A morning of work

I keep plugging away on things. I’m waiting for some decent sunny weather to finish painting the trailer. Unfortunately the sun has not been cooperative with that idea. So, today I got out to the garage and started tinkering with things. I realized later in the morning that I have now started working on what I would call the interior of the boat. There just isn’t much else to do on the boat but put in the carpet and install the seats. Oh, and work on the gelcoat and put on the trim pieces. I’m waiting for the boat to be on a trailer before I go nuts on the gelcoat so I don’t make a huge mess of my garage. Hence, the work on the trailer.

Here are a few photos of the progress.

The start of interior work involved tearing down the observer's seats
The start of interior work involved tearing down the observer’s seats

I was surprised to see how different these two seats looked. They are both from 1993 boats. Why does one have metal brackets and the other none?

I did a functional test of the anchor light. It works! This light is removable and is used only at night. I was able to do the test while the packaging was still on which I thought was great in case I needed to return it.

I spent some time under the boat installing the forward tracking fin. If you recall, the boat came with a fin that was bent. You’d have to go back a couple of years in the blog to see a photo of that.