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Spring Dreaming

So, I’ve had enough downtime over the last few days such that I think I’m ready to crank up things on the boat again. It has helped that the sun is out and it’s been in the 70’s and 80’s in Seattle recently. I got some RoundUp and killed all the grass growing anywhere near my trailer. It looks ready to go. Today I called marinecarpeting.com and they are sending me samples of grey carpet in the correct weight (thickness) for my 1993.

I have stared at the hole in the floor long enough that I think I’m ready to go ahead with fiber-glassing in that spot and calling it good. That should be interesting. I have different kinds of fiberglass and enough resin to do a lot of work. I think the task is cutting the fiberglass to the right shape for my hole, laying down the cut fiberglass and painting on the resin. Easy, right? Once that is done I can lay in the carpet and start to reassemble.

I’ve been toying with engine ideas. If I had $2-grand laying around with nothing better to do I’d likely have purchased a fuel injected engine from a 1997 Nautique a couple of weeks ago. I’m sort of in a catch-22: While I’m spending money (on things like carpet or an air compressor) I’m trying to save money for an engine.

OH! I have news: I got a transmission. It is sitting in my garage waiting to be spun by a V-8 beast. 🙂

Today I was writing an email and started a list of what I need to do to finish up this project and start to ski. Sometimes I feel like the list is getting longer, but I’ll just keep plugging away:

Here is what I need to go skiing:

  • Engine with all the fixin’s
  • Steering Cable (mine is really bad – very stiff even disconnected from the rudder)
  • Tachometer
  • A new prop (or repair my dinged Federal prop on there now)
  • Carpet
  • Carpet trim
  • Seat vinyl – Driver’s seat, rear seat pads
  • Fuel Filter
  • Bilge Pump
  • Pins for engine hatch
  • Rub Rail (my old one was so trashed I removed it and threw it away)
  • I need to clean up / repair the throttle control. The throttle/transmission control is called a “Morse MV-2” control. Mine has a broken spring and the mechanism is gummed up enough you can’t pull / push the neutral switch
  • Battery
  • Finish my gel-coat repairs
  • Swim platform (brackets and the wood part)

What would be nice:

  • All new upholstery
  • The other dash gauges (temp, volts, fuel, clock)
  • Blue gel-coat repairs
  • New decals
  • Stereo

So, I wanted a project….


New Parts and Rusty Rust

As I turn the corner from destruction to construction on the Nautique I’m starting to pile up parts. I made another visit to Tap Plastics for foam and fiberglass. When I get around to doing that I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures. The foam is a mix. Once the two parts are mixed you have about 30 seconds to get the mix where it needs to be before it starts growing like crazy. Should be a riot. When searching for unique Nautique parts the Internets becomes your friend. Besides the fin (earlier blog posting), I have found some dashboard switches, new cup holders, hinges for my glove box, and a bow light. I also found a real deal, a color-matched new cover (called a skin) for my engine hatch. It is the correct blue/gray/white as the rest of my interior. If you go way back in this blog you’ll see that the boat came with a miss-matched teal-green/red/gray hatch cover with a big gash in it. It was on clearance and I got it for about a 60% discount. Yay!

Yesterday I got a few trailer parts. One of the lights was burned out, so I fixed that. I also knew that the “bunks” (the parts that the boat actually sit on) of the trailer needed to be re-carpeted as there were spots where the carpet was worn through or almost thread-bare. I also had noticed that the previous owner has put some rope around one of the rear bunks. I got some bunk carpet (on sale at West Marine) and some no-rust staples and wandered over to the trailer sitting beside my house. I quickly discovered that the rope was literally holding one of the bunks in place. They are supposed to be bolted to the frame, so that was a little alarming. There were two very rusty bolts holding the front of the bunk and the remaining six bolts were missing. Scary.

So I pulled off the rope and bolts from both bunks (the other one still had all the screws in it). Then I pulled off the old carpet. I suppose this is still deconstruction, but I need that trailer eventually. I put the bunk wood (they are 11-foot long pressure-treated 2×6’s) in the garage to dry out. Susie and I went to Ace and got some galvanized lag bolts to replace the rusty ones. As you can see in the photos, they were full of really rusty rust. Once the wood dries out I’ll put on the carpeting and bolt the bunks in place.

New trailer!

Some progress to report… I got a trailer! I got a screaming deal on this trailer. It is a little rusty but it is made for a Ski Nautique. David and I stashed it beside the house last night. Eventually it will need a little work, but it is perfectly usable as-is. I towed it home with the old van last night and there were no problems. Most of the lights even turn on, and if you know anything about trailers that’s really saying something. Hahaha…